Yoga Nidra - Chair Practice

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Yoga Nidra - chair practice...

Scarlett Dee

I have been a yoga practitioner/teacher for over 25 yrs. For me, cultivating a yogic lifestyle, living in harmony with nature, and simply being nice is my main focus. There is so much pseudo-spirituality around today that complicates and mystifies yoga to the extent that people end up confused and going around in circles. I feel that life can be very simple and yoga is absolutely simple when you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals. With that, you are empowered to develop and explore yourself safely and confidently. This is what I wish for everyone. Like any great joy in life, I hope that the precious jewel of yoga can be experienced and shared all over the world. I would love to see people live through the yoga teachings to explore their true nature and realize their full potential. It would be great if all of us that have been touched by yoga can find ourselves journeying inward with an open heart, awareness, good intentions, and a connection to our inner wisdom to enrich our own, and the lives of people all around us, with relaxation, peace, joy, smiles, laughter, and love. Most of all I would like yoga aspirants to rediscover yoga as a spiritual path in a relaxed, easy-going, and nourishing atmosphere, learning through the integral teachings that have been graciously left to us by the great yogis, saints, and spiritual master of our past.”

Course Description

In literal, yoga Nidra refers to yogic sleep. The practitioner of Yoga Nidra enters a deep state of relaxation while practicing this. It helps you to get deep sleep meditation. It also helps us to become more conscious of our experiences by shifting our focus from our exterior surroundings to our inner selves. Moreover, It induces a profound condition of sleep in which our senses, brain, and mind all rest. We are liberated from the constraints of time, space, and logic. When this happens, brain activity slows down and the body begins to heal. So, Yoga Nidra is responsible for guiding and bringing you into a deeply relaxed state of awareness.

Typically, Yoga Nidra is practiced on the back while lying comfortably. Adaptations can be made if this position is uncomfortable, and one can do the work from a seated position as well. You can practice Yoga Nidra while sitting on a chair. It will relax your mind and soul. It helps you release all your tensions and fatigues.

  • Equipment: Yoga mat/chair
  • Body focus: Back
  • Difficulty: intermediate

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Scarlett Dee