Short Yoga Daily Classes with Mareille

Day 1

Daily Wake up Yoga, 12 Minutes - Monday ...

Day 2

Daily Wake Up Yoga 10 Min - Tuesday ...

Day 3

Daily Wake up Yoga, 13 Minutes - Wednesday ...

Day 4

Daily Wake up Yoga, 12 Minutes - Thursday ...

Day 5

Daily Wake Up Yoga 10 Min - Friday ...

Day 6

Daily Wake up Yoga, 10 Minutes - Saturday ...

Day 7

Daily Wake up Yoga, 6 Minutes - Sunday ...

Day 8

Moondays Mini Class...

Mareille Outshoorn

Mareille is an Amsterdam (1000+ hour TT) based yoga instructor on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. She believes that integrating just a little bit of yoga into your life can help you to make some shifts.

After graduating with a Bachelor's in Sports Marielle started as a Physical Education Teacher. In 2002, she began practicing yoga as a means of becoming more flexible in her body. Later on, she learned that yoga was also vital for finding inner peace for her restless mind. It then occurred to her that the health of the body and the health of the mind are closely linked. Therefore, all her teachings are always physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial. She has been running her own yoga and massage business “Mareille Yoga & Massage”  since 2012.  

Enjoy my classes, love Mareille

Course Description

Yoga, when done carefully, can be a really healing and transformative discipline. It affects all bodily systems and functions on several levels, including mental, physical, and spiritual. The primary goal of yoga is to become more aware of your mind, body, lifestyle, and true self. Despite the challenges in life, with yoga, you will build a stable foundation so that whatever comes your way, you will be ready for it.

In this course, you will learn from Marielle how to

  • To feel and listen to your body via yoga, allowing you to direct your attention inwards
  • Tap into the breadth and intelligence of your inner wisdom, our greatest and wisest teacher.
  • Be in tune with your inner self, have a lot more fun, feel better, sleep better, enjoy life more, make better decisions, have better relationships, and deal better with stressful situations.

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Course Price

Under Subscription

Course Type

Teacher Course

Course Teacher

Mareille Outshoorn