Daily Yin and Yang Yoga Practice with Mareille

Day 1

Monday Practice - Vin To Yin - Element AIR - Breath- LIGHT - Connection (60min)...

Day 2

Tuesday Practice - Vin to Yin - Explore your inner world (70min)...

Day 3

Wednesday Practice - Vin to Yin - Forgiveness- Vinyasa and Yin Class ( 68min)...

Day 4

Thursday Practice - Yin Yang Yoga Class 'Wanna Play A Game? (70min)...

Day 5

Friday Practice - Yin Yang class for "Self Acceptance" (73min)...

Mareille Outshoorn

Mareille is an Amsterdam (1000+ hour TT) based yoga instructor on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. She believes that integrating just a little bit of yoga into your life can help you to make some shifts.

After graduating with a Bachelor's in Sports Marielle started as a Physical Education Teacher. In 2002, she began practicing yoga as a means of becoming more flexible in her body. Later on, she learned that yoga was also vital for finding inner peace for her restless mind. It then occurred to her that the health of the body and the health of the mind are closely linked. Therefore, all her teachings are always physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial. She has been running her own yoga and massage business “Mareille Yoga & Massage”  since 2012.  

Enjoy my classes, love Mareille

Course Description

Yin/Yang yoga is a practice that balances slow-paced Yin yoga with traditional Yang yoga (Ashtanga and Hatha). Yin/Yang yoga has its roots in China in the Taoist concepts of yin — a feminine, passive, cooling energy — and yang — a masculine, dynamic, warming energy. 

Just as the Taoists believe that yin and yang complement each other and one cannot exist without the other, the Yin/Yang yoga practice uses both types of yoga to provide both physical and spiritual balance.

 In Yin yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time — typically three to five minutes or longer — to target the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, rather than focus on the muscles. As a result, the poses are more passive holds with little active engagement of the muscles. 

A Yin/Yang yoga practice often begins with yin poses. Developed in India, Yang yoga is what the Western world thinks of as yoga — Hatha and Ashtanga yoga asanas and vinyasas that warm the body and stretch and strengthen the muscles. Yin/Yang yoga typically includes the yang portion of practice in the second half of class. By combining the two styles of yoga, Yin/Yang yoga improves energy and fitness while promoting relaxation and healing. 

Equipment: yoga mat

Body Focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Under Subscription

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Teacher Course

Course Teacher

Mareille Outshoorn