Daily 25 mins Integral Yoga For Mind And Body

Day 1

Integral Yoga . Relax Body Mind . 25 minutes...

Lili Molina

My name is Lili Molina, I was born in Argentina but I am from everywhere, I belong to mother earth. I am a Yoga teacher and a Peace Meditation Coach. A traveler. I've started practicing and learning yoga in 2011 and from that moment on i never stop. Yoga is a philosophy of Life. Yoga is like ToltekayotI, the art of good living. Yoga is making everyday a piece of art. I invite you to enjoy with me this endless learning path. Allow yourself to perceive everything from your heart first. Awake your inner being and intuition. Let's practice together. Let's create that Union, body, mind and soul. Right here, right now.

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Course Description

Integral Yoga . Relax Body Mind . 25 minutes

The practice of Integral Yoga today benefits those who are in need of stress relief and a sense of focus. By learning Integral Yoga, you are able to focus on the aspects of your being that you tend to neglect because you get consumed in life's demands and daily routines.

  1. Higher immunity
  2. Higher pain tolerance
  3. Balanced metabolism
  4. Detoxification for delayed aging
  5. Peaceful deep sleep
  6. Improves sexuality through better control

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Teacher Course

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Lili Molina