7 Guided Meditations for the Great Shift

Day 1


Day 2

Healing your Tree of Life: practice...

Day 3

Merging with your cosmic self...

Day 4

The Rose Gold meditation: Introduction...

Day 5

Rose Gold Meditation: practice...

Day 6

The Rose Matrix Meditation: Practice...

Day 7

Chakra Rose meditation: Introduction...

Day 8

Chakra Rose Meditation: Practice...

Day 9

Quantum Double Self meditation: introduction...

Day 10

Quantum Double Self Meditation: Practice...

Day 11

The Psychic Veil meditation: Introduction...

Day 12

Psychic Veil Meditation: Practice...

Day 13

Guidelines: How often to use these meditations...

Day 14


Demian Haye

Demian Haye is a Magic Vibrations Healing School instructor. He was born in France and has spent the last 20 years traveling all over the world, including 15 years in India, where he learned numerous therapeutic techniques and modalities. Since 2005, he has been teaching a variety of seminars and providing online coaching sessions. He has been a certified Light Language teacher since 2017 and hails from Mexico (school of Starr Fuentes). He currently offers private coaching and healing sessions as well as online classes through Zoom. He is currently residing at Guatemala's Atitlan Lake, a historic spiritual vortex that is home to an international community.

He has been teaching a variety of workshops, including Magic Water workshop, Sacred Journey into the Heart, Cord Cutting, Soul retrieval, Ancestral clearing, DNA activation, Shamanic Journeys, High Initiations, Rays Initiations, Quantum Healing, Mazik templates, Avataram sacred teachings.

Course Description

This course "7 Guided meditations for the Great Shift" is designed to help you explore seven powerful tools that may help in your spiritual development and ascension. Demian tried and taught a variety of guided meditations throughout the years. He shared the 7 most impactful ones with you. Everything is changing and we are transitioning from the old to the new paradigm. This transition process is not always easy for us, and these meditations will assist you in coping with this massive transformation. Regularly practicing these meditations will assist you in becoming more prepared for the changes ahead. You can opt to put some of these into practice more frequently or simply pay attention to your present demands. Soon after you begin, you will notice a difference in your life. In this course, you will get guided meditations to improve your lifestyle.

  • Healing your Tree of Life, a meditation that can help you heal and re-actualize your self-image and how you see yourself.
  • Merging with your Cosmic Self, a meditation that will help you expand your field of awareness until you merge with the bigger Self, which will take you beyond the final Horizon Event.
  • The Rose Gold meditation, a technique that aims to bring together the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine inside us in order to give birth to the Divine Child, embracing the Trinity of Consciousness rather than duality.
  • The Rose Matrix meditation, a way to reconnect with Creator's original Master Plan while also disconnecting from dystopian, disastrous futures.
  • The Chakra Rose meditation, a visualization-based practice for clearing your chakras and allowing new, fresh energy to enter into your system.
  • The Quantum Double Self, a meditation to tune into and communicate with your Shamanic Double, a higher aspect of Self who exists in a timeless dimension.
  • The Psychic Veil meditation, a meditation that activates an intelligent, self-adjusting shield around you to protect you from harm.

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Teacher Course

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Demian Haye