5 minutes Music Meditation for Healing

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5 minutes music meditation for healing...

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Course Description

Healing Music Meditation- 5 Minutes for yourself

Different types of music are used for different purposes. HA Healing Music Tone, on the other hand, is a unique tone that transforms and modifies negative energy. Let yourself be carried away by soothing, purifying, healing music. In those moments of presence, you may experience inner tranquility, release, and clarity. On the other hand, it could motivate, inspire, and propel you to new levels of happiness and fulfillment. Moreover, Healing Music Meditation provides you with healing tones that will give you to

  • On a mental, emotional, and physical level, encourage your body to purge and let go of what is no longer needed.
  • Recharge your LIGHT inside.
  • Activating and enhancing your cells and consciousness
  • You are opening your Heart.
  • Increasing and honing your Awareness
  • Understand your own worth.
  • All tension and stress should be relieved.

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