Who we are

OmidLife.com is a global Holistic online platform that connects unique and high level facilitators with loving life seekers.

Our Vision


It’s a platform for people who share the vision of integrative living in the fields of Meditation, Breath work, Yoga, Tantra and Relation, and wish to extend their knowledge with high level international teachers who offer their teachings online on OmidLife.com  platform to new audiences via online classes, courses, live sessions and master classes. That’s why OmidLife.com is built as a place where spirituality and self-growth live and thrives powered by high level professional spiritual holistic teachers.

The intention of OmidLife.com is to bring our community of teachers offline well being classes and courses into successful online spiritual courses available to everyone.

Our Mission

OmidLife.com intend to connects our quality teachers with a worldwide student audience looking for an authentic and rich online spiritual community for their personal growth. OmidLife.com, wish to lead with our guiding principals of heart, love and saying Yes to life to help spread teachings of spiritual growth inside out, whose impact can reach globally.

We invite you to join us at OmidLife.com for online meditation, Online Breathing classes, Yoga classes and courses, Tantra courses and workshops rooted in the sacredness of the Heart. By sharing these teachings on a central easy to find online platform, together we can stir globally, your heart and the hearts of people who are longing to understand themselves more deeply, to find the beauty and magic of life in the paradise planet that we are all so blessed to live in.

Looking forward connecting with all those who hear the call and wish to take part of growing global community on the path of healing and transforming through the power of integrative life.. 


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